"THE WORD" Church App Reviews

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I need more

I love the word and the different topics I can find here. Please add more for 2017

Used to be better.

I loved this app, before. Not wit crashes every time I want to open it. Seems as though since the update I haven't had much success.

Love it

I love it! It's all that I need in one place. From a sermon to music or a quick find/ easy to use bible. It's great 🙌🙌🙌🙏👍

Great App!

Thanks to Dr. Vernon and the WC team for making this happen. What a wonderful way to get "The Word" on the go.👍👍👏👏🙌🙌👌

Life changing

These sermons have really made a difference in my life. I have been blessed over and over. I have a closer relationship with God now. Listen to them and they will make a difference in your life.

Innovative ministry

I tell you I was trying it out to see if the word church had an app... Well I have to say we are without excuse; and this just shows how we can reach many beyond the 4 walls


Dr R A Vernon has taught me a lot through this app alone! I've been listening to it for 2 years now! I wish to one day come to Ohio just to get a glimpse of this profound Teacher of the most high! Love all the way from Dallas tx! ❤❤❤❤❤ thank you word church!

The Truth

This App is Really The Truth. I Need It In My Life. I Want More & More And More. Give Me More And I Will Give This App A 10 Star Rating!!!

Please Fix App

To whom it concern in the pass 6 or 7 months the app has not been working. I have not been able to listen to any sermons, please anybody who can; hurry and fix these problems I need to hear pastor vernon sermons. thank u

Good app. When it works

I love this app. But for the last two weeks it has not worked. I can load a sermon but it does not load. Someone please help!!!!

Loving this App... However not working properly

I love the sermons by Dr. Vernon, I always feel blessed & encouraged after listening to them! I've followed this ministry for several years now on the Word Network...At times, I wished I lived in Ohio just to hear pastor Vernon speak.!. Glad I can now take the sermons with me on my iPhone!!! I love this app very much... With that said, recently I have been having trouble listening to the sermons on my iphone, Not sure how to correct this issue.?. Please help! Dr. Vernon & The Word Church, be blessed!

Slow load

Doesn't work all the time sermons don't load 😢

Nice app

This app has some great sermons.


Such a tremendous blessing!

Pretty Swift

This is high quality stuff. Dr. Vernon is on his game. Props.

The WORD on the go!

Often times thru out the day I find myself needing a WORD and find myself recollecting on some of Dr. Vernon's sermons. With this app coupled with the Holy Bible app my day is now complete. Thank you Dr. Vernon and The WORD Church Media Ministry for this blessing.

Loving it!!

I love this app. Being able to jump on and get info or hear a word is great. One of many reason why I love my church.

I love the WORD!!!!!

Thank you for this app. I love the daily bible reading it's been a blessing to me. Thank you.

What a blessing

Thank you Pst. Vernon your sermons are such a blessing to my young life. I'm inspired.

Praise the Lord

I am beyond impressed! Yet another way to spread the Gospel, perfect for this age of evolving technology. God Bless the visionary, the vision, and those that follow. Tell a friend :-)

I love it

What a blessing!!!!! I've been waiting for this app! I pray that this app blesses the masses! The word church has certainly been a blessing in my life! KINGDOM BABY! wow, no words....

The "Word" on the GO!!!

This is a " Must Have" application for EVERY one!!! It is easy to navigate and allows the user to bask in the teaching of the WORD whenever time permits! Bravo!!!!

Love the presentation

Flawless, The Word Church does it again!

Excellent idea!

Having a good word on the go is a great idea; we have to be true to our christianity all seven days of the week and being able to revisit a sermon anywhere we are will definitely help throughout our spiritual journey. Thank you so much!!!

Excellent Application

This is the type of application that everyone should have, thank you Pastor R.A Vernon For the wonderful Application.


Thanks for being free... Cuz I don't even have 99 cent

Love it!!!

If you want real and relevant word, this app you must get! Congrats to Dr Vernon on the iPhone app and I look forward to more innovative projects. Pastor Rich

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